July 10, 2019 yesterday suddenly Apple pulled a 12 inch MacBook and a 13 inch MacBook Pro non-touch bar. Surprisingly, Apple included a new line-up of MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro touch bar for entry level. Some simple assessments have emerged related to performance to price worthiness. Quoting from various sources following Apple’s review of the MacBook Pro 13 inch 2019 touch bar. The presence of Touch Bar is still a pros and cons among MacBook Pro users.

However, with the removal of the non-touch bar version, users inevitably accept the presence of the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro. In fact, the presence of the Touch Bar is enough to help users when doing certain jobs more quickly, such as video editing for example. Pinned T2 Chip, Touch ID, True Tone Display, and sold starting from $ 1299 makes the public ask, ‘is it worth it?’



The 13 inch MacBook Pro 2019 has the same True Tone Display technology as the version above it. Not only that, this screen supports P3 Wide Color Gamut color and has a brightness level of 500 nits. The advantage of True Tone Display is the color accuracy that is very precise and makes professional users like photographers or editors comfortable using this screen. In terms of screen, the MacBook Pro 13 inch 2019 has the same quality as the 15 inch version of the Touch Bar.


The 13 inch Macbook Pro 2019 is claimed to have used the butterfly keyboard that was developed. Keyboard with improvements, but the speaker and Touch Bar still have the same performance Apple presents new material to make this keyboard, as well as a new membrane embedded under the keyboard. Not only that, in terms of sound, the MacBook Pro 2019 keyboard is softer and quieter than the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2017 predecessor.

Butterfly keyboards are often complained by some users because they are easily damaged, have a low level of accuracy, and often experience sudden typing problems. Apple itself has held a butterfly keyboard replacement program for several MacBook Pro models. However, to see the quality of this new keyboard takes several months before concluding that the MacBook Pro 2019 keyboard is really new and different.


The speaker placement is still the same as the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2017, which is located on the right and left side of the keyboard and facing up. Voice-wise, there are no significant changes compared to the previous version.


Kitchen performance runway 13 inch MacBook Pro 2019 is indeed a warm chat among users. How come? In a Geekbench measurement, it is known that the multi-tasking performance of MacBook Pro 2019 has a significant increase. With an Intel i5 1.4 Ghz (boost up 3.9 Ghz), 8 GB RAM, 128 GB storage capacity, and Intel Iris Plus 645 graphics, it has amazing performance. In fact, when compared with the 13 inch MacBook Pro version on it at a price of $ 1799, the two do not have a significant difference.

As an illustration, the MacBook Pro 2019 has a value of 4770 for single performance and 17366 for multi-core, differing slightly from the MacBook Pro 13 inches above it with 4993 for single performance and 18283 for multi-core.


The MacBook Pro 2019 got a score of 1583 when it was tested with Cinebench R20. This value is not bad when looking at graphics cards that only use Intel Iris Plus 645. His sister, the 2018 MacBook Pro 2018 with Intel Iris Plus 655 scored 1779. Whereas when judging through Unigine Heaven, the MacBook Pro 2019 gets a score of 784 and the average frame is a minimum of 31 fps and a maximum of 66.7 fps.


In trials using the BlackMagic Disk Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest, the MacBook Pro 2019 recorded a speed of 495 MB / s for writing capability and 1350 MB / s for reading speed. Although not the highest speed Apple has ever made, but again, the speed is equal to the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2018 for $ 1799.

Editing Video

Not complete when testing the MacBook Pro device with the Final Cut Pro video editing application. Through Final Cut Pro X testing, MacBook Pro 2019 is able to export 4K H.264 video that is 5 minutes long and takes 2 minutes 45 seconds. Meanwhile, when disabling the background rendering feature, it takes about 10 minutes 26 seconds.

In comparison to the 2018 MacBook Pro 2018 and Radeon Pro 560X, the video takes 1 minute 55 seconds when exporting. The 15-inch MacBook Pro 2018 takes 8 minutes 15 seconds when disabling background rendering. A result that does not differ much, but back again to the user whether the difference of 50 seconds is quite significant or not.

Battery Life

As in previous testing, the MacBook Pro 2019 has a battery life that deserves thumbs up. Test results for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2019 by CNET, MacBook Pro 2019 can be used for up to 9 or 10 hours with light work such as browsing and typing.



The 13-inch MacBook Pro 2019 is the lowest version of the MacBook Pro line-up offered by Apple today. But some data proves that the bottom MacBook Pro cannot be underestimated given its outstanding performance. Having a cheaper price than other MacBook Pro ranks is a value that is worth considering. For users who have daily work such as typing, browsing, and a little photo and video editing, this 13-inch MacBook Pro 2019 is the right choice. Moreover, the cheapest version of the MacBook Pro has been equipped with a Touch Bar. At present, there is only one variant of the MacBook Pro sold, which uses Intel i5 2.4 Ghz.