Unicode Consortium has received 230 new Emojis for use in 2019. Apple will usually adapt this new standard in its newest operating system, iOS 13 for this year. In total there are 230 new Emojis registered for Emoji 12.0. It is divided into 29 different Emojis, 75 gender variations and a total of 230 new Emojis when calculated with skin color options.

Some of the new Emojis introduced in Emoji 12.0 are Flamingo animals, Otter, Hindu Temple, Sari, Sloth worship places and many others. Emoji 12.0 also introduces many Emoji with disability themes. Ranging from horseback chairs, robotic arms and legs, hearing aids, to sign language for mute and blind people who use sticks. Unicode also explained that all the documentation needed for Emoji 12.0 was complete.

Now just go into the technical documentation and various other details to make this latest Emoji available in a web browser, computer operating system and also a smartphone that will be prepared throughout 2019.




The iOS 13.1 update provides several new features and important improvements. But besides that, Apple quietly also provides improvements in a number of Emoji characters that were previously considered inappropriate. Shared by Emojipedia, the iOS 13.1 update has 24 improvements to the previously released Emoji character. Some of them are Emoji for Octopus, Squid, Mosquito, Sipoa, Puzzle, and many others. Repair of 24 Emoji characters is arguably quite minimal.

For example for Octopus, there are now sucker details at the bottom.

As for the Squid, the shape is no longer inverted. Then for Mosquitoes, now the number of legs is correct to be 6 (previously 5).



About a week ago, Apple distributed beta versions for iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2. This version is the developer beta and the third public beta for iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 has been released. Later some interesting features that have been tested on the beta will also be available. For example, the addition of 60 kinds of new emojis and some additional variations of emojis that already exist.

New emojis that will appear later include smiling smiley faces, one-piece swimsuits, and some food emojis such as waffles, falafel, butter, and garlic. In addition there are also additional animal emojis such as sloths, flamingos, orangutans, and skunks. Certainly not only new emojis will be present. Some new features and systems have also been prepared. Including Siri support for Announce Messages which was originally prepared for iOS 13.

With this feature, you can immediately respond to messages that come through AirPods. Siri will read the message through AirPods so that you no longer need to look at your cellphone or Apple Watch to check incoming messages. To reply, Siri will immediately copy the message according to your words and then send it to the destination. There is also a Deep Fusion Camera feature that can enhance the photo capabilities of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro by being able to improve the quality of background images.