WhatsApp is arguably the best-selling chat application and is used by millions of users in Indonesia. Since it was bought by Facebook a few years ago, WhatsApp finally provides many features that had never existed beforeā€”starting from Video and Voice Call, WhatsApp Status, Broadcast mode, and many others.


But of all the features mentioned earlier, there are still some features on WhatsApp that users dream of. Yes, a dream because it will not be released, or maybe it will be made in the near future by the WhatsApp team. Here are five opinions about the WhatsApp Dream features that I look forward to.

5 Dream Features that are not yet available on WhatsApp.


1. WhatsApp on iPad

Not a few iPad users who dream of being able to install the WhatsApp for iPad application. But the WhatsApp team itself has confirmed that they have no plans to release WhatsApp for iPad. Yes, this is because not all iPad devices are equipped with cellular technology.

Moreover, the iPad is also not designed to be able to receive SMS messages in the form of a confirmation code when logging in to WhatsApp for the first time. Another opinion that reinforces that WhatsApp will not release WhatsApp for iPad is the presence of the WhatsApp Web feature, making it easier for you to reply to WhatsApp messages via a computer.

2. WhatsApp Multi-Accounts

Surely many of you need 2 WhatsApp accounts – personal and work-related. The most practical solution is to have two different iPhone devices and two different numbers. This commotion can be more practical if you can use 2 WhatsApp accounts on an iPhone.

Given the iPhone technology that does not support dual sim, of course, you still have to prepare a second cell phone to put the sim card. How noisy? Yes, Unless you, at the same time, a dream that Apple will release an iPhone with dual sim technology.

3. Backup and Restore Data Between iOS and Android Without Hassle

WhatsApp on iOS uses an iCloud Drive account to back up data. Whereas WhatsApp on Android uses an external memory card or another way you can find out on the WhatsApp for Android page.

If you are an Android user and want to switch completely to iOS or vice versa, transferring message data and multimedia documents on WhatsApp is not easy. Several steps must be done (I will discuss in a separate article). If all of these steps can be made simpler, surely, this will bring the dream of every WhatsApp user, especially those who frequently switch devices.

4. Send Uncompressed Image

WhatsApp has supported the PDF document sending mode since several versions ago. But unfortunately, until now, WhatsApp does not support sending uncompressed image mode. Though sometimes, I need this feature on several occasions.

For example, send pictures of the iPhone launch coverage at the Apple Store in Singapore to the other MakeMac writing team who are in the office. Images sent via WhatsApp will experience considerable compression, making the results less sharp or decreasing image resolution. Same with photos, video documents can also experience a decrease in quality if sent via WhatsApp.

5. Leave the Group Without Being Found

How many WhatsApp Groups do you follow? 5, 10,15? Do you often get an invitation to enter a WhatsApp Group or even suddenly exist in a group but don’t feel connected to the chat in it? The quickest way to avoid getting dizzy is to leave the group.

But unfortunately, WhatsApp will provide notifications or notifications when someone leaves a group. This notification will appear in all remaining WhatsApp Group members alias still in it. Not a big problem if you rarely meet these people. But what if they are a big family, neighbors, or maybe coworkers in the office? Hemm, it can be really bad.

What About Your Dream Feature?

Which of the above features is your dream to be available on WhatsApp immediately? Is WhatsApp for iPad, multi accounts on WhatsApp, or maybe other features? Share it in the comments column!