Apple and Google officially announce cooperation to create contact tracing or contact tracking technology to identify and prevent the spread of C-Virus in the world. This system will use Bluetooth technology to help governments and health institutions reduce the spread of viruses. Of course, user privacy and security will remain the top priority. Apple delivered this statement on the Apple Newsroom website. Technically, Apple and Google will launch a comprehensive solution by releasing API (Application Programming Interfaces) and technology at the operating system level to help enable contact tracing.

There are two steps to be used in this urgent situation and remain focused on protecting user privacy. First, in May, Apple and Google will release APIs for Android and iOS devices that are connected to public health authority applications. The application will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store. Second, in the coming months, Apple and Google will work to activate a broader Bluetooth-based contact search platform. The solution is claimed to be stronger than using the API and allows more people to participate.

In closing in the notes provided, Apple and Google believe that this is a very appropriate moment to work together and help each other in solving C-Virus issues. It is hoped that this collaboration and collaboration can also be supported by third-party application developers, governments, and health service providers. The main goal to be achieved is to help countries around the world slow the spread of C-Virus and accelerate returning to normal conditions.



And also after one month of release, the Apple C-Virus Screening Tool application gets its first update to version 2.0, some new features and performance improvements are presented in the Apple C-Virus Screening Tool application. Reporting from iMore, users can now receive guidance on information about C-Virus from the Department of Health where they live. Apple C-Virus Screening Tool provides a column that allows users to choose their area of ​​residence. After choosing the right place to live, the application will bring up information about C-Virus there.

Starting from the latest developments to guidelines that can help users know the symptoms of C-Virus. In addition, Apple C-Virus Screening Tool also has one additional feature in the application. Still struggling with health information, but not about C-Virus. This new feature displays information about tips for taking care of yourself during quarantine at home.

These tips can be found in the column called ‘Support Yourself’. If you click on that column, there will be several categories in it. For example, the category ‘Look After Your Mental Health’ which contains information about our mental health. Facing the C-Virus pandemic emergency as it is now, will unwittingly have an impact on one’s mental health. In that category, users will find various tips that can be applied to stay healthy. In addition, many other tips about maintaining personal health can be found.