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Help translate the iOS Support matrix...

Free (as in beer)

Posted on May 07, 2014

A few year ago I put together the very first iOS Support Matrix. My aim was to guide other developers in the direction of ditching legacy devices and operating systems and embrace the new.

iOS Support Matrix v1.0

iOS Support Matrix v1.0

The project has been both more successful and more expensive than I could of possible anticipated. But, I see this as payment to the community I love that helps me everyday to do a job that 10 years ago didn't exist and 20 years ago seemed like science fiction. is popular, averaging 15,000 hits / month and 10 times that when a new iPhone is released. But it's not my bread and butter. 

I want this site to make the Internet better. So for the next several months I will be email awesome people of the Internet and offering them free advertising on the site, no strings attached. All they have to do is supply the 2012 px x 279 px artwork and a landing page URL. 

I want to make the community stronger and thank a few of the people who have; helped, inspired, encouraged or re-tweeted me over the years.