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Version 3.0

Version 3.0 of the the matrix is a huge leap forward not only from the very first matrix but also in terms of design. We worked really hard in collaboration with The Iconfactory to bring the feel of iOS 7 as-well-as even more information density.

Version 3.0 packs more information into (roughly) the same area. It now lists each devices hardware compatibility along side the familiar OS versions, Model IDs and Instruction set.

As alway there is a vector PDF available (just click on the image above) to you can print it out at any size you like!

There are some items missing from this version, most notably usage stats. Currently, iOS 7 is increasing its percentage share by about 1% every hour or so. With this in mind we decided to remove the stats until things settle down. Why not visit David Smiths excellent iOS Stats page for hourly updates.

In addition, iPhone 5c and 5s Geekbench scores are absent. Due to lack of solid information (and the addition of Geekbench 3.0) we again erred on the side of caution and removed this data, rest assured we will update the matrix will all this info as soon as we can.

If you spot any mistakes or have feedback please contact us.

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Update : Fixed a few mistakes and omissions. Thanks to Mathias Ebell.